About Us

Welcome to Rachael’s Resumes Sales The place where you can get High Quality template resume for half the cost. Rachael’s Resume Sales is part of the Rachael Academy Comapny.

We exists to help individuals creatively tell their story in a clear and process way through our resume templates. Research tells us that job hunters are more lightly to land a job if their resume is up to par. With our knockout resume templates and stunning graphic designs you will be with in a great chance to getting that dream job .

We specialize in designing creative resume templates that can be used in Microsoft Word (Windows and Mac!) and even Pages for Mac, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best (kicking ass!). We believe it’s all about the finer details and that truly great design is beautiful, clean and simple.

It takes only 6 seconds to visually impress your prospective employer. So, instead of focusing on how your resume should look, you can now focus on that interview you are sure to get. Pick a resume template, customize the content, and print or e-mail it to get the job of your dreams! While at it, it doesn’t hurt to add a cover letter too!

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